No time for a long period of downtime? No problem!

Working as an aesthetic nurse, one of the most common questions I get from patients is, "How much downtime will I have?"  Well, that is a very subjective question that I usually follow up with asking, "What exactly do you consider to be 'downtime'?"  Every patient views post procedure downtime differently, just as every patient perceives pain differently.  When it comes to dealing with downtime, especially with micro needling, Fractora, Halo, and other laser procedures, redness and irritation of the skin are typically what concerns patients regarding downtime.

Well, I am happy to say that there is FINALLY a product available that actually helps reduce post- procedure downtime!!!  Alastin Skincare, which is currently the fastest growing skin care company in the country, created a product called Regenerating Skin Nectar, and it truly is a game changer.   Its unique combination of arnica montana, along with powerful antioxidants derived from vitamin B and saltwater micro-algae, provide a calming, anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the appearance of redness.  This amazing product also can be used to precondition the skin prior to procedures.  Alastin's Trihex Technology enhances the health of the skin by clearing out damage and debris from the extracellular matrix (the layer where collagen and elastin live in your skin).  This supports the skin's natural ability to produce new, and make room for healthy collagen and elastin.

I am currently including Nectar in all of my post-procedure skincare, and it is definitely making a difference.  Below is a picture of me post micro needling in less than a 24 hour period.  On the left is immediately post procedure.  On the right is the next morning, approximately 18 hours post procedure, with no makeup.  Amazing, right??  So, if fear of downtime is keeping you from trying a procedure, definitely talk to me about how incorporating Nectar into your skin care routine can help you!

FYI- this product isn't the only one in this line that people are raving about.  Their eye cream is out of this world, as well as their Hydra-tint SPF.  Want to learn more about Alastin? (By the way.......all of their products are paraben free, cruelty free, and gluten free!!)  Call us at Rejuvenis to set up your complimentary skin care consultation! (217) 398-4856.


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